Saturday, June 16, 2012

Internet woes and portuguese flows...

After expounding a theory on the typical images associated with Brazilian hip-hop and the social/cultural currents shaping the kind of hip-hop we witnessed in Florianopolis (an atypical image for the Hip-Hop culture associated with Sao Paolo/Rio)...the internet stopped. It stopped for twelve hours. In the most fitting way possible, it gave up. After I had downloaded the google+ app to my phone so I could upload the video I recorded that night in Florianopolis, and written a mini-ethnography on the blog site, it was gone! Our internet is very much a luck of the draw situation here in Curitiba and last night was a reminder of the night at Heifer. We had to tune out, and after talking for a little while, just went to sleep. Soon, I will upload the video of our night experiencing Hip-Hop from Florianopolis as it relates to the construction of urban identity, resistance, and social consciousness for a group not included in the typical imagery of urban culture in Brazil.


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  1. I would love to see that video of that Hip-Hop night experience. Anyway, how’s the internet connection now? I hope everything got fixed soon after. It seems like you’re pretty active in engaging in these social and cultural currents, so you need to stay connected with your peers.

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World