Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Party!

The colorful hats they sell for the Sunday parades
Hmm, what to start with? Well, I guess so far it comes down to that I think I will cry when June is over. You may say, umm that's weird, you do know that you have a whole six weeks after June ends, right? Yes, I understand that, and I don't know what July will bring, but so far, June in Belem is simply wonderful because of June Party! This is literally a month long celebration they have in Belem to honor their saints that includes weekly parades, food, dancing, and plenty of parties! It may rain here almost every day but everything is decorated in bright ribbons, banners, and balloons in honor of June Festival, even in lab and at the bank! There is a parade every Sunday where people, wearing their straw hats with colorful ribbons, walk from the river docks to the square where there is music, dancing, and plenty of food. Last Sunday, Caroline and I were invited by some friends to walk with the parade to the square and we had great fun traveling with the crowds of the people, dancing to the music the whole way! And they have constant events all month! One night, Caroline and I planned on going to the movies, but our bus passed by this huge collection of people watching the square dancing competitions with food stalls and music bands. We hopped off the bus and had a great time watching the dancers in their elaborate costumes and the different bands playing music. The girls in the lab say that June is their favorite month of the year in Belem and I agree! With such a wonderful start to this journey, I don't know how July can compete but with prospects of weekends at the beach and fun outings, I believe July can have a chance!

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