Saturday, June 16, 2012

Semana dos!

Week 2! Qué legal! (Cool!) So this week has been LOADED with lots of new knowledge, new techniques, lab protocols, meeting new people everyday, etc etc and just having fun! I'm adjusting extremely well in my lab and everyone is so happy that I'm there; which in return makes ME happy and it's just a cycle of happiness! My level of understanding Portuguese increases a bit each day but I guess I have it easier than most of my fellow MHIRT Brasil companions because my first language in Spanish. My days basically consist of in-between lessons of Portuguese words in exchange for the equivalent in Spanish AND in English, it's hilarious! This week I prepared my first set of solutions: buffers TBE 1x and TBE 10x that I will be using for my future DNA extractions and agarose gel electrophoresis. I'm now familiar with how to use the centrifuges, the Nanodrop spectrophotometer, how to properly use the pipettes and store them; WEAR gloves almost all the time and if in doubt: just wear them!; and I learn a bit each day about what they do in LABCAI and why! (I think that if I keep enjoying my time here I might apply again next year to come and work here again!!!)

woot woot! I ran my first electrophoresis!

I truly love being in another country; there's just so much to see and learn and experience and these are the experiences that change your life. You may not see them because you're too busy living them, but I assure you, that when all of us come back we WILL be different people. We will have a greater understanding of worldwide issues and lifestyles, and how other societies interact.

So I'll basically share something that amazes me and my roommate: hitchhiking! Known in Brasil as "caronas", it is EXTREMELY common and normal to stand close to the highway and stick out your thumb to hitch a ride with someone! I doubt we will ever experience this but it's definitely fun to watch!

Well, that's all for this week! Tchau! Beijos!!!

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