Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mulheres brasileiras e signos do zodiaco

We are already halfway through our learning adventure here in Brasil, and I can honestly say it feels like home to me already. Every day I'm astounded by the culture, the people, the food, the customs and traditions, the values and morals and just day to day stuff. Yesterday, I went out for lunch with my lab mates to the "Restuarante Ilheu" as we usually do, conveniently located at a 5 min walking distance from my lab. As I sat down at the "mesa para as meninhas" (table for the girls) with our plates full of food, the girls started having a very interesting conversation about horoscopes. Every day is a different topic, but honestly this has been my favorite so far! Lila, one of my lab mates who's married to Jacó (who also happens to work at the lab), started talking about the moon and how beautiful it had been the past few days. Maya, another of my lab mates and who helps with the lab's administration, mentioned how the position of the moon influenced each zodiac sign. From there on Lila went on about the horoscope and zodiac signs, one by one, and described the different traits that characterized each particular one. She also happened to point out the similarities and differences of each person working at LABCAI with their respective zodiac sign! We all laughed whenever she happened to guess someone's zodiaz sign if she didn't know their "aniversario" (birthday) just by describing their personalities. I truly enjoy spending my time with these women and just everyone at the lab. They already consider me a part of the team and they make me feel so welcome! I don't know if the horoscope and zodiac signs are topics that everyone here in Brasil know a lot about or it just so happens I got mixed in with some very cool people, but I definitely have to find out!

That's all for my highlights of the week! Tchau! Até logo!

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