Saturday, July 7, 2012

Photos from Floripa!

Okay!!! So here is a compilation of a FEW of the photos I have of the past five weeks! It was so hard  to choose.

This is Barra da Lagoa, a beach nearby the pousada.

Here are some of my lab mates on a boat ride around the lagoon one Saturday

Here are Chloe (Curitiba) and myself with some Peruvians we met at a bar in Lagoa

This is downtown Florianopolis near the Central Station

Ellen (Sao Paulo) came down for a weekend, and we went to an awesome bonfire on Joaquina Beach with her friend from UT Knox, McCall. McCall was here from February to June with a ton of American students who studied in Floripa.

Here I am with some high school girls on the south of the island. My lab volunteers to teach science experiments once per month here.

Here are some of my lab mates (L to R): Gabriel, Ricardo, and Rosie

This is a nightclub that us girls went to not far from the pousada. It's called Mustafa.

This is an old asylum that can be seen from a hiking point in Lagoa.

This is Daniele, one of my lab mates. She and I hang out a lot, and she has been my teacher in the lab (all said in Portuguese; she speaks NO English!)

And last, but not least, I have to post a picture of Mychelle and myself (working hard). She and I have become really close, and we hang out so much outside of the lab. I adore her!

This is a video, featuring Mychelle out in Lagoa. I cannot be in Brazil without discussing football (soccer)--the next World Cup is here after all! So, it was a great opportunity to watch the championship match for Central and South America at one of the local bars. Mychelle is a huge fan of the Corinthians, and it was their first time in the finals in 100 years. Well, they won, and this was the result in the street afterwards. Mychelle cannot contain her excitement :)

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