Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vero O Peso

Vero O Peso is a market here in Para. This market is located on Guaraja Bay. It was built in 1625. It is the  biggest open market in Latin America. Vendors sell clothes, shoes, food, souvenirs and herbal medicine. Monique and I have had the privilege to visit this market several times. Last weekend Monique’s dad came to visit and we had to take him to Vero O Peso. It was great having him there because he is very funny, speaks Portuguese fluently and bargained the prices for us. After shopping we decided to get some lunch. I would not describe the food area as full of restaurants. It is more like outdoor food stalls with a sitting area overlooking the river. The food was great. We had linguica (sausage) with ferrofer (a spice), frango (chicken) and beer. We had a great time eating, drinking, and  looking at the beautiful water. Afterwards we went to the herbal medicine section. It was a very interesting place. They had herbal medicine for everything. They had herbal medicine for weight loss, getting rich, getting a spouse, making a man go crazy over you, keeping a man, winning money, and becoming attractive just to name a few. Anything you wanted, they had it. I don’t know if these herbal medicines work but the vendors convince you that they do. We also went to the meat market. It is located across Vero O Peso. It is a building made of only metal and it was built in the 18th century. It is a very beautiful building. We also visited the fish market which is also across from Vero O Peso. I saw so many fish that I never knew existed.

The meat market

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