Sunday, June 2, 2013

And the Adventure Begins 2013

As I write this some of you have already started your adventure while others are eagerly awaiting the time you board the plane.  As we talked about, you will be a different person when you return.  Your memories will be filled with images of your time spent in country.  You will have new friends and experiences.  I look back on the years of this program and see the accomplishments and career development of the students past.  I look forward to watching you all change and develop as well. 

You will learn more than you know.
You need to be aware, but not afraid of your surroundings.
You need to embrace the culture that surrounds you.
You need to prepare for your wave of homesickness, as well as the fact you will see events that you can not change, people that live in poverty beyond our wildest dreams.  Remember the bario...happiness is created with family and friends.  Songs and dance are a part of the lives of everyone.  Enjoy them.
You need to write your thoughts in a journal and blog about your adventures.
You will get frustrated about the things you can not change, relax and be flexible.
You need to keep in touch with people you care about.  Share your joys and concerns.
You need to be tolerant of people you work with and discuss issues as they evolve.
Most of all enjoy your time.  Before you know it it will be time to go home and become caught up  again in your busy lives that you left behind.  Enjoy the time that you are focused on your adventure.
We are here when and if you need us.  So are your in country mentors.  Enjoy and I look forward to the stories of this summer.  Dr. Fitz

The MHIRT 2013 first group meeting at the Heifer Ranch Retreat, Feb 22-24.

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