Sunday, June 9, 2013

Estamos em São Paulo!

After months of anticipation, we are finally here in São Paulo!

Our arrival at Guarulhos International Airport. We were so tired!!

This is the view from my pousada. São Paulo is such a big city!

This pocket dictionary is a lifesaver! We have used this dictionary to start random conversations with taxi drivers, restaurant owners, and the locals. Even though our Portuguese is not perfect, the Brazilians  appreciate our efforts. 

This picture was taken during my first day in Dr. Fior-Chadi's lab. We were waiting on the Western Blot gels to solidify. Thankfully, Brazilian laboratory protocols are very similar to those in America.

Frozen Açaí berries with fresh mangos on top. Fresh fruit is everywhere in São Paulo! 

I absolutely love São Paulo - the locals are friendly, the weather is perfect, and the culture is beautiful! I'm so thankful I get to spend two months in this beautiful city.

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