Saturday, June 22, 2013

From the lens of the Acholi

Since their inception in the northern Ugandan region in the seventeenth century, the ethnic group more commonly known as the Acholi, have been a prominent and steadfast group here in Gulu. Making up more than 80% of the population in Gulu, my experience has been catered around the cultural makeup of these people from the inside-out.

Here at the home of our organization, Centre for Reparations and Rehabilitation (CRR), Amanda and I are taking what they term as a "family pic" with our staff members. At this facility, they offer free psychosocial and legal services to vulnerable populations in various areas such as land dispute, gender equity, and medical referrals.


These photos are from the field in the Minakulu sub-county of Gulu. Here we are implementing our "alternative dispute resolution" (ADR) with a village over issues of land. It is amazing how these people were so receptive to our presence and even through the language barrier, were grateful for our help.

The sentiments of this town and more importantly the major clans who suffered from displacement during the war. This encompasses our project here and hopefully we'll not only gain great data through our discussion with the community but leave our footprints here after.

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