Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let's get introduced: Ugandan style

Wow, what a week! From the perils of the half day long blackout to the triumphs of the Ugandan football team victory to qualify for the World Cup, this place has truly been a joy to experience. Even though our travel to our research site in Gulu begins tomorrow, this stay in Kampala has been a blessing and served as a point of reflection in my life. It's amazing how our priorities change once our  circumstances change. It seems as if almost three weeks ago I was worried over a silly A-, but in Africa where survival trumps any other priority all I could think of during that blackout were two things: there is a God and an old poem I learned while in undergrad, " Test of a man." These moments help me to not only forged on but also appreciate all the beauty that comes from this country.

One staple of culture from here you can't help but to notice (or hear) are the boda bodas or common day motorcycle taxis throughout the city. Initially, after many discussions with our research director of the dangers of riding them, due to necessity and time constraints, they have served us well here. There must be over 60% drivers on the road consisting of bodas and serve as a great economic stimulus to the youths. Also, I noticed the general sentiments from the individuals here. After riding through many red dirt roads within the communities, I've gained a sense of overall happiness and contentment from these families with their situations and outlook on life. This really put things in perspective to me and inevitably forces me to compare back home.

A takeaway from this introductory week is to appreciate the small things we receive daily like running HOT water, lights in your homes, and even the simple greetings from your acquaintances. Appreciate all these things because it could be worse. That's my blog in a nutshell. Love, live, and be blessed y'all.

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