Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Beautiful City of Florianopolis

After nearly 4 weeks, it's still hard to believe that we're actually living in Brazil.

The bus terminal TILAG is our only 
way to leave Lagoa and explore the
rest of the island. After a few weeks I've
finally gotten the hang of the bus
schedule, so I don't get lost as often
The view from the top of the mountain we have to cross every day to get to our labs, as well as anywhere else on the island. Our pousada is on the shore of the Lagoa, on an unbelievably peaceful and beautiful street. 

The graffiti throughout the island is really awesome.
The wall says, "Our world is sick,"
and the pill says "peace" and "love."

With protests and demonstrations 
spreading across Brazil, it was only
a matter of time until the people of 
Florianopolis got involved. An
estimated 70,000 people occupied the
streets of Centro last week, with songs
of peace and change.

The island of Florianopolis is beautiful, beyond words, and the biodiversity throughout the island is astonishing.
From the beaches of Barra da Lagoa, we began walking through the sand dunes, stretching across the horizon
towards the distant mountains.
Eventually, we stumbled upon remnants of the long-forgotten lake that used to occupy
 the sand dunes.Bright,fresh foliage dotted the dunes, with a number of strange birds
circling the air and wandering the sand.

Our Neurobiology lab at UFSC, where
we do stereotaxic surgery and behavioral
experiments, and drink a ton of coffee. 

Working in Padua's lab has been an awesome experience. Since Padua has been travelling to international
conferences lately, I've been working primarily with two Cristiane and Frank, two PhD students. Along
with teaching me dozens of techniques and helping me design my research project, they have been
very patiently trying to help me with my Portuguese.

Florianopolis really is the most beautiful place in the world.  

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