Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bonita..Linda..Beatiful Florianopolis, Brazil

MHIRT-Florianopolis will depart for Rio de Janeiro in less than 48 hours for 5 days, then return to Floripa for another 7 days before returning back to the U.S….. and back to reality.

Rio de Janeiro is hands down the most famous place in Brazil and is known throughout the world for its beautiful beaches, people, and festivals. So of course, upon knowing my placement in Brazil I made plans to visit this celebrated city! However after spending two months in Florianopolis, I have acquired such a strong affection for the city and the people here, that I’d rather skip my flight and miss all the sights of Rio to spend every available day on the magical island of Floripa. But, I’ll still be going to Rio on Thursday, for I already started planning a trip back to Florianopolis in January ;)

Okay, since I saw that Miriam wrote about losing her wallet, I wont feel so embarrassed to write about losing my iPhone. Yes, it happened, I lost the one device, that our generation has grown obsessed over, including me. I am not even going to lie, it was great having an iPhone in another country: it was easy to communicate back home using Skype and Facetime, I was Instragraming the beauty of Brazil making all my friends jealous, it was my accesses to gmail, facebook, and Twitter, and I was even using Whatsapp to communicate with the Brazilians I met here. Brazilian life without the iPhone…….not bad at all, and its not because my parents can’t get a hold of me anytime they want either, its because I feel more at ease, I am not bothered by life outside of Brazil. I am enjoying as much as I can with the little time I have left in this wonderful city and country.

Florianopolis has been truly magical. The memories I made and the people I met will forever change the way I see the world and myself. My host laboratory, LABCAI Laboratorio De Biomarcadores De Contamincacao Aquatica E Imunoquimica made all the difference. The other MHIRT students worked in small department labs at the main university’s campus. I was placed at a joint lab, which is stationed in the middle of a mangrove forest on property all by itself. At the lab +30 people work there some with shrimp, oysters, and others with fish, all with their own individual research. The people I met were some of the smartest I know, and so much fun to be around. It was because of them, I experienced so much of Floripa, and I am forever grateful for their friendship and guidance while working and living here in Brazil.

All right. Currently I have 1 day left in Florianopolis before Rio, 5 days in Rio de Janeiro, and only 7 days left in Floripa when I return, then back to boring U.S.A. My time left is short, but I know within the next 13 days the memories I make will last a lifetime.... BBBRRRAAAAZZZZZIIIILLL I will miss you when I leave, but I will definitely return to you again!

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