Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Great Times with Great People!

Thursday, July 18, 2013, will mark my sixth full week in Florianòpolis, Brazil! The time is flying by; however, my experience becomes greater with every passing day. The people I have met, the new friends that I have made, and the stronger bonds that have been created with my teammates (Britney Lumbard, Tim O'Neal, and Adam Goodson) all serve as testaments to my memorable experience.

My lab mate, Tatiani Sousa Barbosa and I presented our protocol replication of a new experiment in the lab. The replication is entitled, "A Translational Rodent Assay of Affective Biases in Depression and Antidepressant Therapy."

Dr. Cilene Lino-de-Oliveira provides insight on how long the experiment should be conducted. Instead of subjecting 12 Wister Rats to the testing environment, we concluded that separating the Wister Rats into two groups, over a span of two weeks, would be more manageable, and could be completed in a more timely manner.
The gift of friendship is the greatest and most valuable asset that anyone could ever have. I am so grateful for my new friends! [From left to right: Fernando Melleu, Karolina Domingues, Erica Johnson (myself), and Tatiani Sousa Barbosa]

There is nothing like a great Sunday morning hike, with a great group of people! This photo was taken at Costa Da Lagoa, a small residential area, with great restaurants. However, there is a catch; you can only get to this area by boat! [From left to right: Britney Lumbard, Tim O'Neal, Dr. Cilene Lino-de-Oliveira, Donald Lumbard Jr. (Britney's brother), and Erica Johnson (myself)]

This has become a regular sight! On the weekends, my teammates and I enjoy going to one of the many beaches to relax, talk, and laugh with one another.

Words cannot fully express my gratitude for being granted the opportunity to learn, experience, enjoy, and remember my time abroad. I am forever grateful for the changes that this experience has made within me, and more importantly, the lessons that this experience has taught me.

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