Saturday, July 13, 2013

Isaac Newton, Pachyderms, and Sick Dogs

Ishaka Health Plan developed a side business of installing solar lamps to generate additional revenue to help pay for administrative costs.  This photo is of Isaac Newton, our resident solar lamp technician, and was taken when the team went out to install a four lamp system in Kyakabeizi.  

Ishaq, Susie, Kakunta and I went to Kida Hospital in a village outside of Fort Portal so that Kakunta could sensitize a community that was interested in starting a health plan, and that us bzungu could see the magic man in action. Kakunta is like the Lebron James of sensitization, and by the end of his talk the audience had already selected a board to move forward with the creation of a health plan.  Kakunta uses many metaphors and skits to drive his points home, and in this one was acting like an injured dog to highlight the importance of mutual aid and solidarity.

After a few weeks of non-stop work we took a safari trip through Queen Elizabeth National Park over the weekend.  We were driving over crazy 4x4 roads with 7 people in an old Toyota Corolla and we somehow see a bunch of awesome wildlife and not destroy the car, which was pretty neato.  I also picked up an elephant, which is kind of a big deal.

We also took a boat tour while in the park and got to see a bunch of other animals, including this gnarly looking old hippo. 

To finish off the weekend we went to King Fisher lodge where we attempted to teach some of the IHP staff members how to swim.  Susan, pictured on the left, had kicks that would make Bruce Lee proud, and is determined to master swimming before we leave!

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