Wednesday, July 31, 2013

JMJ in Rio de Janeiro

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janiero. This was more of a great experience than a vacation for it was a bit overwhelming. All in all I had a great time and was amazed by things I saw. As my time here in Brazil is winding down, I am definitely glad I had the chance to participate in some great things. Here are some pictures illustrating my awesome time in Rio....

This is a video I took as Pope Francis arrived to celebrate mass on Sunday morning. I had previously spent the past 24 hours camped out on Copacabana beach with 3 million people in order to have a good spot to see him and participate in this amazing event.

 The 5 mile trek we made to the beach for Mass with the Pope.
 The Lasallian High School I stayed at while in Rio....I was able to meet many Christian Brothers from all over the world.
 The beach near where I stayed in Niteroi....just outside of Rio
This is a picture I will never forget. I was able to participate in mass with close to 4 million other catholics from all parts of the world...truly an amazing experience.

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