Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wonderful Attractions of Belem

 This is one of the tests we are doing on people for our project. The aim of this test is to measure the
electrical activity of the photoreceptors with the use of electrodes placed in the eye.  It sounds like it is a painful thing, but the procedure used makes sure there is little discomfort. It is a very interesting test to say the least.

This is a nice tower called the " Lighthouse of Bethlehem"at the Mangal das Garcas. It gives you a magnificent view of the city. The Mangal das Gracas features nurseries of birds, plants and an Amazon museum.

This is the Forte Do Presepio aka the " Fort of Nativity". These are ancient cannons. There is also a museum which shows the history around this place.

 The overall map of the Mangal das Garcas. It does look big here on the map but it is something you can easily tour in a short time. It is well laid out and there are numerous spots for excellent picture. Did I tell you that the Lighthouse of Bethlehem offers a great view for pictures and sight seeing.

These large water lilies were tempting for me to jump onto and try to float. These lilies are located at the Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi. It is a research institution and museum. of the larger water lilies in the Amazon River can support 70lbs!!!! Amazing. I guess I will definitely sink if I tried getting onto this one of course.

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