Saturday, July 6, 2013

Work and Play on the 4th of July

Observing a community awareness event facilitated by the Centre for Reparations and Rehabilitation (CRR) in Oyam District, northern Uganda. Max, Sandra, Justin, and Thomas pictured from left to right.

Two baby goats took a liking to us during the awareness event and decided to curl up for a nap underneath our chairs!

Celebrating Independence Day (America Day according to Ugandans) with CRR staff.  Thomas, Justin, and Irene pictured from left to right. We celebrated the 4th with apple pies, which turned out more like turnovers, baseball, and some dances.

Justin teaching Sandra how to do some sort of line dance.  Everyone had a great time at the celebration and baseball ended up being a huge hit with the staff!  All in all we really enjoyed sharing our Independence Day with our friends and colleagues here in Uganda.  Happy belated 4th of July to everyone back home!

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