Saturday, August 10, 2013

Farewell Belem, until next time...

Meet the lab 

These guys were a great pleasure to work with.  Always joking and always willing to talk or help.  

 Meet The Amazon

Leap frog any one? Unfortunately, I was parted from my camera (long story don't ask) but here's a few pictures of the Amazonian fauna and flora.  Check out the jaguar sleeping on the left, thats how one survives the heat of the day! 

 Meet the City

These were taken from a penthouse apartment overlooking the Plaza da Republica. Some nights started clear and ended in a blur (effects of the heat of course).

 Meet the Festivities

 The month of June has parties and parades all day everyday.  Every Sunday has a street party with bands and vendors.  The people with me in the photo are studying acting at the Federal University of Para.

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