Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Animada Cidade

I've been in Belem, Brazil for about two weeks now and things have been going great!

My favorite things about the city are the people and the food! It's very easy to meet people here because everyone is very friendly and loves to practice their English or to help you with your Portuguese. There's food everywhere! I don't believe you can walk more than a few steps in any direction without coming across a place to get something to eat...and that's not including the many street vendors!

I've met many people through friends of friends and also through going out with my new friends. Last night we went to a place called the Red Pub (entry fee was half off with a college id) and they were having a celebration for Chico Buarque.
He is a famous samba and bossa nova musician from Rio de Janeiro. Samba music was played the entire night and everyone was dancing and singing the words. It was definitely a great time!

As far as food goes, some of my favorite new dishes are picanha:
feijao tropeiro, which is essentially beans, eggs, farina, and fried pork skins:

arroz (rice) e vinagrete (tomatoes, peppers, onions, and vinegar, and other special seasonings):

as well as calabresa and onions.
The first time I had calabresa, it was on a very delicious pizza that I got from the Boulevard shopping mall close to my apartment. 

Here is a map showing the location of the Boulevard mall:

Some of the more interesting foods I've tried are tacaca

It is shrimp, jambu (which numbs your mouth, quite an interesting sensation), and a sort of broth. I would recommend trying it "sem goma,"which is without the tapioca gel substance. I tried it with goma and didn't end up finishing the dish. 

Additionally, there is a popular ice cream place here called Cairu. There is one in the mall and there are others in various locations around the city. I tried the Romeo e Julieta flavor. Romeo e Julieta, usually, consists of a sweetened guava type paste and cream cheese. In this ice cream, it seemed that there were small pieces of cheddar which was a very interesting surprise. It had a sweet and salty effect but I definitely wasn't expecting the large pieces of cheese that were in the ice cream.  

So far it's been a lot of fun and there are still so many things to experience! 

Ate logo, 

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