Saturday, June 28, 2014

A festa não vai parar por causa da chuva

Time has been flying lately! I can't believe it's almost been a month already. Belem has been great and I have met so many people during my time here already. I think it's amazing that people from so many different parts of the world are here. I have met people from Germany, England, Spain, and other various cities in Brazil.

I have been becoming more comfortable with my Portuguese ability since I've been here which makes it a lot easier to communicate. I have also been experimenting with more foods.

Last week I visited Mangal das Garcas which is like a large park with many different birds and plants. My favorite area was the borboletario which is the home of the butterflies.
A picture of some of the birds we saw
The butterflies were so pretty and friendly

The park is located on the water, so it was very peaceful and had a great view.
This is a picture facing the park from the pier 

Before visiting Mangal das Garcas, we went to eat at Point de Acai and tried acai with a platter of fried fish. Ever since then, I have been craving acai. I found a restaurant that has it close to the lab so I will be able to go more frequently. I'm not sure how many people drink their acai here but my friends like it with sugar and tapioca. That is the way I like it as well.
This was my lunch of calabresa, another meat, feijao, rice, and acai. 

Today, I went to watch the game with some friends and, as it usually does, it began to rain. It's amazing how much it rains here and I've been told that this isnt even the rainy season. While it was raining, some people ran outside and danced while the band played. I didn't go out this time and was only a spectator but it was fun to see. I did stay inside and dance though. There was a live band playing samba.
Some friends dancing in the rain

Ate logo, 

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