Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Ilha de Floripa

I have had a wonderful 4 weeks on this beautiful island. I enjoy my time in the lab and out exploring every day. The best part has been meeting the wonderful people along the way and I am so excited to build new relationships and continue to grow the ones I have already made. Here are a few pictures of my time here so far.

 A beautiful sunset at Barra de Lagoa. I played soccer and made 
new friends on this beach day. The food was delicious!

Professora Marques invited us to eat feijoada downtown. It was 
a peaceful and fun day- with live music too! Samba!

I am preparing my primers for Real Time PCR. I always have a smile 
on my face in the lab. I love LABCAI people :)

Exploring the famous Praia Joaquina!

Some of the delicious Brasilian and American treats we had during the 
U.S. vs. Portugal game. Obriga pela convite, Professora Marques!

Até logo!

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