Friday, June 6, 2014

(Ana- left, Amaka- right)

Boa noite, friends and family! This post will hopefully show you just a bit of how great Floripa has been! It's strange that we've only been here a few days, because it already feels like a home...but Amaka, Ana and I love it :) We start our lab work next week, so for now we're just exploring. I'll write a longer post giving more details soon, but for now- enjoy the show!
My first flight from Dallas to Miami! I think I heard English only when they gave the first set of safety directions. The Sao Paulo and Florianopolis participants all met in Miami to fly to Sao Paulo together.
 My first EVER international flight. It was definitely the largest plane I've been on. Have you seen the commercial with the toddler that comes and apologizes to the woman for "repeatedly kicking the back of [her] seat?" Yep... it was right.. doesn't happen in real life. Luckily the little soccer player/drummer behind me and I had the same sleep schedules! (PS- the food isn't bad)

Every seat had a TV for entertainment; I watched a little of Whoopi Goldberg Presents: Moms Mabley. 

 Landing in Florianopolis! The picture almost does the colors justice, and the mountains- much greater in person! Perfect weather. 

 This is our pousada-- a lot like an apartment anywhere else. Let me just tell you though, the best part is the view!
 This is right outside.. no more than 30 steps to where Ana is standing! It's part of the Lagoa da Conceicao.
 This is the jar we thought would never be opened. We tried hot water, cold water, knives (we were careful, don't worry), banging it-- all of the girls gave up! Luckily, our landlord Duilio is right upstairs. This is the kind of thing in the rental agreement right? Opening jars? He is basically the strongarm around here, and so nice!
 All of the walls around our pousada are covered in great art like this!
 This is just a short walk from where we live! This is more of the lagoa and you can even see the place we use (dark blue sign) to buy cheaper fruits and vegetables (1.69 reais per kilo... just put anything in the same bag for weighing)

Today we went to the mall to buy our Brazilian phones-- this is the view from the food court! (get your stuff together Galleria and Northpark) Can you see the McDonald's reflection in the first photo?
 A better view of part of the Lagoa from the top of the hill. Just past that is the ocean (whited out a bit)!
 Here is another view--you can even see our pousada in this one! Can you find it? The sand dunes on the other side of bridge are a visit for the future... more on that later! - Elizabeth

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