Friday, June 6, 2014

Eu amo Belém!

(Photo: view of the city from Belém Soft Hotel)

Teera and I have been in Belém less than a week, and have already been exposed to new people, ideas, and culture, rich in history and pride! The introduction we received to our visual psychophysics project was thorough and allowed us to dive right into our work! The instructors have been extremely helpful, inside and outside of the laboratory, providing us with tips on how to be successful in our work and gain the most from this invaluable international experience.
Belém is a beautifully warm city, with a historical culture and extremely hospitable residents. As an American, I felt welcome in Brazil the moment I arrived at the Brazilian airport in Rio de Janeiro. My Portuguese is limited compared to the natives, but they have made me feel very comfortable communicating in Portuguese, which has already helped me to expand my dialogue significantly.
Since arriving in Belém, Teera and I have submerged ourselves into Brazilian culture, enjoying native dishes such as picanha and pão de queijo, listening to native music, and more importantly, watching fútbol! The neighbors around our temporary residence are extremely pleasant, and love to talk with us in Portuguese and in English, sharing tales of their country and suggestions on sites to visit. We have already begun collecting data for our research project, with plans for completion well before the end of our stay. Our time in Belém, Para is already shaping up to be wonderfully irreplaceable and I am truly honored to participate in such a life-changing experience!

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