Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sao Paulo Chronicles

We are going on our third week here in Sao Paulo.  We have been pretty lucky with the weather, today was the first cold day with the temperature around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. We haven't been too many places I would consider picture worthy but I'll be glad to share the pictures that I do have as well as some observations after two weeks into our trip.

Arena de Sao Paulo on opening day of the World Cup 2014

This was about as close as we could get to the stadium.  There wasn't much to see around the stadium for people without tickets.  For being a World Cup opener there weren't as many people around the area as I had expected.   This is because FIFA Fan Fest is in a completely different part of the city, which was over capacity as we would find out in the moments after taking this picture.

Future World Cup 2014 Champions: United States of America with their match against Ghana at FIFA Fan Fest in Anhangabaú

Lots of people at Fan Fest, sadly we didn't meet any Americans

Parque da Luz.  One of the only non-soccer pictures I have taken.

A few observations:
  • If you are a dog in Sao Paulo, you bark at precisely 6:30 PM for about 5 minutes until you realize there isn't really anything to be barking at.  Just like there wasn't anything to bark at the last night, or the night before.  
  • There is no grass anywhere aside from the USP campus.  Definitely a change from rural Kirksville, MO.
  • Rice and beans with meat is a great meal.
  • Sharing sidewalks doesn't happen.  Most people walk right down the middle of the sidewalk instead of staying to one side like I thought was the norm.  It's like a game of chicken and the loser is whoever moves off the sidewalk first.  I have yet to win.  
  • You're not cool unless you bring your dog to the mall.  Seriously, everyone does it. 
  • I have been in search of a gym since the day we moved in and am unsuccessful to this point.  It has been a journey.  It almost seems that Sao Paulo doesn't want me to find one.  The university is on strike so the rec center is closed.  I accidentally wandered into a slum looking for one another day.  Today I finally made it to one but the price was $400 US a month, no thank you.  I took the bus to one last gym and it was closed because today is a holiday.  Bad luck.
The research is going great so far.  My lab mates and mentor have been very inviting are hospitable. I look forward to seeing how the project develops. 

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