Monday, July 14, 2014

A Cidade de Pinhão

This past week I was invited by my lab mate Gabi to take some samples to the Federal University of Parana. We ran the tests and analyzed them. It was great to learn a new lab technique and get to see another university and lab. Furthermore, it was so wonderful to meet Gabi's grandma, aunts, and cousin. They were so hospitable and warm. I really felt at home staying at their place. I am very thankful to Gabi and her family. Since we were in Curitiba for one of Brazil's World Cup games we went to the FIFA Fan Fest. It was very fun and a good time. Back in Florianopolis Dr. Fitzgerald visited the city and the labs. It was great to see her.

Gabi and me at the FIFA Fan Fest.

I found the Mexican crew at the FIFA Fan Fest.

My trip to Curitiba was great. This was taken at the Municipal Market.

All of the Florianopolis mentors, students, and Dr. Fitzgerald after our dinner.

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