Thursday, July 3, 2014

GeroLab and World Cup

An exceptional team of people work with me in the Physiology of Aging laboratory, also known as GeroLab. What we mostly due in the morning is collect brains, CSF and blood from patients. Once we have the interview and the signed informed consent from family members, we are able to add the brain to the São Paulo Brain Bank from our laboratory. Depending on the research project, they stay in our lab, they are distributed to other labs or affiliated partners  within University of São Paulo, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, they go all the way to Germany, United States and other parts of the world. 

The collecting team awaiting for the autopsy technicians to arrive

After a long holiday of Corpus Christi, Monday its starting slowly but surely

It is game day!!!!!!! Brazil vs Chile and everyone is on the street in Vila Madalena

After the Brazil game is over, is time to see the Colombia vs Uruguay in the FIFA Fan fest, a truly wonderful experience, as Colombia defeats the cannibals of Uruguay.

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