Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Imagens da Viagem

The trip has been truly monumental, to say the least. I am truly living. Here are a few snapshots of the journey.  Beautiful shops lining the backstreets of Florianopolis.

 Enjoying a coco gelado at Jurere International Beach.

 Remnant architecture in Floripa´s Centro District.

 Incredible views from a cliff´s edge in Chapada dos Guimaraes. I´m definitely facing fears head-on here, and loving it! This adventure took place during my trip to Mato Grosso state to attend the World Cup. 

 Living it up! With another avid torcidor preparing to enter Arena Pantanal to cheer on the Nigerian football team in their World Cup Match against Bosnia-Herzegovina. We won 1-0. The parade that followed was amazing and good enough cause to miss my flight.

Like many things that do not quite go to plan while traveling, it was a welcome plot twist. More to come!

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