Saturday, July 26, 2014

No Frango to talk about this time

What do you mean we only have 2 weeks left in São Paulo? I'm just starting to get used to living here though!

Well, even though I cannot believe it, we have been in this giant city for 8 weeks now, but I can finally report that I have gotten out to explore other cities a bit. About 2 weekends ago, I decided I needed to go somewhere else, so I decided to take a nice 6 hour bus ride to visit Curitiba. It was a good experience, and I'm glad I did it. As soon as I arrived there, I met a guy at the hostel where I was staying that spoke Spanish, and he volunteered to go exploring with me and to help me document my journey. We had such a great time and covered so many sites! 

The next weekend Victoria and I decided to finally take a trip to Rio de Janeiro to see what all the hype was about. What we learned from our trip is that within the actual city, the people were generally more rude and the atmosphere was not as nice as within São Paulo; however, when we went to visit Cristo Redentor and Pão de Açúcar, we discovered that the views from outside the city were incredible and made the trip extremely worth it. We did encounter one creepy thing while we were in Rio, but it would be difficult to explain the situation on here. All you have to know is that when you realize that there is a whole beach to sit on and a person picks a spot very obviously near you, you may be wrong to excuse the actions of this person as innocent, and you may find yourself running across a large avenue to board a random bus with an unknown destination. But we are finer than fine now! 

I've not only been traveling around these past weeks that you haven't heard from me. During these weeks, I've also been hard at work in the lab still to try and make good progress on my project before I return home. I, however, had to learn a hard lesson about science. This lesson is: if little mistakes are made during your experiment, you may find yourself having wasted 7 weeks and having to start everything over. I am sad to say that it is not likely that I return with any actual experimental results after this trip, but I will be working hard to get as much done as possible before I depart. I also don't think the 7 weeks have really been wasted. It's been an amazing opportunity working with brilliant people who have helped me improve my lab skills a great deal! I would never ever take back any of the time I have spent here. I'm hoping the next two weeks will be just as amazing as the first eight!

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