Monday, July 21, 2014

Students and Soccer Galore!

Part of our work is to go into the field and visit groups that are affiliated with the Ishaka Health Plan we are working with/conducting research on. Today we went to Busy Bee Junior School and talked to the Director and Health Coordinator of the school. We also got to visit the classrooms and see what the course material they were learning.
As we were leaving the school. the Director of the school wanted a picture of us with the students. From one classroom, they all ran out and surrounded us and immediately piled up in front of us smiling at the camera. It was great to see the students before we left!
We went to Kampala, the biggest city in Uganda, for a weekend and were able to go to a Uganda Cranes soccer game! The game was held in Nelson Mandela stadium and was against Mauritania. We sat at the very top in order to see the whole field. The fans were crazy with excitement and pump up music was blasted from the speakers all around the stadium.
We went to the game with a friend of Daryl's, who was from the states, and the group her friend was working with in another part of Uganda. Some of the people in the group were Ugandans and were able to buy the tickets for the rest of us. We danced with the other fans before the game started and took lots of pictures with crazy, excited fans and the rest of the group.
The final score for the soccer game was 2 - 0 and both goals were scored during the second half! It was truly an awesome experience seeing all the fans riled up for their team against Mauritania and of course seeing the Ugandan national team win!

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