Monday, July 7, 2014

Vida em Rua

I slept on the streets of Rio and met someone that I thought was awesome. His name is Paulo. He gave me a bed sheet to use and made room in his corner for me. We got up at the crack of dawn and started our day because he views it as inconsiderate to others. We shared some good laughs and he thought me how to make the necklaces he sold around the Copacabana beach area. He bought me breakfast and we began selling our goods.
My room in Sao Paulo (SP) has a bunked bed and so I offered to pay a ticket back to SP for him where he could live with me. I just wanted to give him an opportunity to have a place to live and clean up so he can get a job and begin to sustain himself again. He said no. I was confused. So I asked someone to translate to makes sure he understood, to not look like a dumb ass he said yes that time. So when it was time to leave, I told him let's go. He then said no, that he'd prefer a little less than half of the cash that a bus ticket would have cost. I understood that he understood, and so I gave him 30 Reais ($13) and left.
Although, I'm quite baffled, I am thankful for that experience and it really helps me understand that people just think differently in our society. While some are put into situations by the luck of the draw, some chose to be there. This is true regarding being at both the top and bottom ends of the spectrum. I needed to realize this. I hope to reflect more and come to a better understanding of this.

That's not Paulo. Paragliding and hang gliding cost about $350 US a piece. I went the alternative route of making some friends first. Then a little bargaining, I got to experience both for less than $50 US. 

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