Thursday, July 17, 2014

World Cup Final: Com bateria do carnaval e argentinos

I go back to what was my home not too long ago. The environment of the World Cup final weekend seem liked carnaval to me. Except it was full of Argentinians. The Copacabana beach was overrun by many people from all nationalities but the Argentinian cumbia, flags and Messi shirts dominated the streets. They camped in their cars, in the roads, in front of hotels. The Brazilians trying to evade a possible historical loss with their biggest rival. I had the chance of attending a historical event in football . However, the thing I loved the most of coming back to Rio de Janeiro was reliving the moments of the  Carnaval. The bateria, or the drums, that so typically fill the streets during carnaval, and the samba. Samba is one of my favorite musical genres of Brazil. I was able to dance the weekend away in the Copacabana shore at the beat of the baterias... It was definitely an emotional trip, and remind me, personally, why I keep coming back to this piece of paradise in South America.

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