Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As saudades do Brasil ficam no meu coração, mas volto logo

The last day in Brazil, was Saturday August 2nd which was filled with a roller coaster of emotions. The food, the music, the ladies, the work environment, futbol (soccer), parties everything was flashing through my mind that Saturday. I had decided that during that night I was just going to enjoy every minute I could with my friends, those who had been in this journey with me. Probably the hardest part of going back to the United States is returning to the routine. The routine of working weekdays and weekends, my responsibilities in national positions in student organizations, my rigorous studying schedule in medical school, community initiatives....the "have your plate the fullest as possible" lifestyle that spells success in workaholic nation like the United States. The "take it easy and slow pace yourself" days were coming to an end. Taking a break in the middle of a busy day to have some coffee with a friend, to play soccer in the fields, taking weekends for travelling and experiencing new things...among many things that make Brazil a place of good quality of life. All these thoughts traveled to my head...as I saw the lips of my friends moving...and I heard the sounds from a distance. All of a sudden, they talk and say "Are you ok?" I said yes, but I lied. I didn't want it to end. I enjoyed my life in Brazil, and everytime I come back I miss it more. Saudades, such a powerful word non-existent in our culture. A word with many meanings. I was feeling it rushing through my chest. When I made it to the airport , it was time for goodbye. Saudades took over. I tried to contain the tears, but I couldn't. The movie of my experience in São Paulo played in my head over and over. I saw life in my time there. I saw freedom from the conventions of society. I wanted to live like that forever. As I said goodbye and the tears subsided, I made another promise....a final trip to Brazil, this time as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar, probably one of the most competitive fellowships to research and study abroad. I made the commitment that I would apply for this fellowship and come back to do a public health project that would make a different in the Brazilian community. I opened my computer and started writing. I am competing for this fellowship and I know that I will be back with a stethoscope, clinical skills and a solid research proposal to the GeroLab, where I had worked. MHIRT made this possible, and if awarded this fellowship, they will deserve some of the credit. Quando a gente quer consegue, e sei que todo na vida é possível, se lutamos com suficiente força. Como médico e pesquisador, eu darei uma última olhada ao Brasil e farei as contribuções que se precisam num pais que tem muito que dar na area da saúde. Brasil eu volto logo, espero matar a saudades logo. Aguarde por meu retorno.

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