Monday, August 4, 2014

One last Day! Nice time!

Can't believe it has been basically two months since we've arrived in Uganda! Time has flown by even faster these last two weeks as we prepare to leave Ishaka and head to Entebbe and fly back to America. However even though we are leaving soon the last two weeks have been busy. The week before we spent a lot of time in the field visiting villages and different groups that are members of the Ishaka Health Plan, which is where we are working. Our research is focused on customer satisfaction with members so when we went into the fields and we were able to ask members questions about health plan and if they had any concerns or challenges that needed to be addressed. During that one week we visited three different groups and two schools. The visits or meetings we have on average take up to two hours because everything here is on Ugandan time. So for example most of our field meetings were scheduled for 2 p.m but usually we wouldn't start 30 minutes to an hour later. But the last week here in Uganda has been trying to finish up things in the office and getting new office supplies and organizing it. But since we are leaving so soon there are many people we have met up with to say our good byes. It has been a blast getting to know the people in the office that we work with and the many others we have met while staying in Uganda. Hopefully we can all keep in touch as we head back home to America. We still have one more full day in Uganda before we leave! Gonna make sure to get my last full meal of Ugandan food but hopefully will be able to come back! And as Ugandans will say in English when they have spent good company among friends or people they've met, "Nice Time!"

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