Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Brazilian Wedding

I have been having so much fun here in Sao Paulo! From learning exciting new things, to brushing up on some old techniques, there is always something to do in lab! Last Thursday might have been the best day so far. At lunchtime there were food trucks outside the lab so we had burgers! They were so good, even though they were nothing like at home. On Friday I was craving another but unfortunately it rained to there were no food trucks! L

Sushma and I attended our first Brazilian wedding yesterday! The venue was about an hour away so we took a mini bus to the location with members of her lab. We arrived at the venue a little early, so we stopped at the Applebee's across the street. (Truly American) Although we only had time for sodas, the Applebee’s atmosphere is exactly like in the US.  The ceremony was beautiful and the bride's dress was so white and sparkly. I am so glad I had the opportunity to celebrate the marriage of Dani and Flavio. At the reception we had so much fun dancing and eating with new friends. Sushma and I learned a few new dance moves, and showed off some old ones (like the Macarena). Luckily a lot of the music was from the 90s and in English! The party didn’t end until 4am and I was so tired and full of delicious Brazilian food.

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