Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hello from Floripa!

Amazing Scenery, Amazing Food

This is a restaurant that has seafood and sides that you can share with your family or friends. The seafood is absolutely delicious because it’s fresh from the sea. In addition to the beautiful food seen in this picture, there is a lovely view of the sea. Feast your eyes on the scenery while feasting on the mounds of food.

Street Art

If you’ve ever been to New York or any urban area, it’s unavoidable to see graffiti. If you thought American graffiti was impressive, you need to see the street art in Brazil. Not only is it everywhere, but it will stretch from wall end to wall end, and it’s much more lively and colorful here. It’s usually a lot more abstract and beautiful than what I’ve typically seen in the states. 

The Sites and Scenery

When I’m in The States, it’s easy to miss the beauty that is around me. Often times, I’m rushing to get to my destination. But Brazil has much slower time, and everything is a lot calmer. This change of pace really lets me appreciate nature and my surroundings. Look anywhere around you, and you’ll most likely see a mountain or part of the ocean. This is one of the beaches you can visit, called Lagoa de Coneciao.

Science Is Universal

Even though I’m in a different country trying to speak a different language, I realized how universal science really is. That’s what makes science so beautiful – its exactness, its world-wide similarity.  It’s as if I am back at home with my lab notebook, lab meetings, micropipettes, and chemicals but the language just changed. The protocols are almost exactly the same as what I would do in the U.S. but just in a different country.

Downtown Floripa

This is part of Downtown Florianopolis, or Centro de Floripa. There are plenty of tall buildings that stretch to the sky, and plenty of good foods and places you can visit when everything’s open (usually nighttime). There’s also a beach around this area that you can visit, but you must take the bus to do so. 

Tchau for now!


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