Saturday, June 27, 2015

Trinidad Treasures

Hi from Team Trinidad! We are having awesome experiences, and it seems as though the time is flying past! I've included a few pictures from some of our many adventures for you to enjoy. I promise we do work hard as well (although the pictures may not show it) but for confidentiality reasons, I thought it best not to take little photoshoots during interviews and what not. So, please enjoy some of our adventures!
This picture gives a delicate insight into the St. Benedict Monastery we live near. The monastery is located on top a mountain overlooks most of the island. Amid the incredible natural beauty, I found this quiet space very moving and gripping. 

This is a picture from a hike we went on to a place called the three pools of Trinidad. It is located in Blanchisseuse, and we drove through a lot of mountains and rainforest to get to this trail. It was Itzel and I's first hike, so it was awesome to have Heather guiding us! The whole trip was stunning.

Homemade juice that would make you want to pack up and move to Trinidad & Tobago. It's that good.

Itzel and I went on a boat cruise and had a blast! This is us at the front the ship enjoying the wonderful breeze/ taking a break from all the non-stop dancing on deck. 

The van with the red stripe is a maxi taxi, and is our main means of transportation. The color of the stripe indicates which region of the island the van caters to, so be careful not to mix the colors!

There are many many more adventures and experiences to speak about, but I find these pictures give nice highlights of some pretty cool moments. Look out for future posts to keep up with us!



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