Saturday, June 6, 2015

Welcome to Floripa!!

I arrived here 3 days ago, and it feels like I have been here forever.  After the many flights and sleeplessness I was welcomed by Eloisa, a Post Doc in one of the labs at University of Santa Catarina, and by her husband Marcelo. They were so kind and warm. We immediately began to get to know each other, and when I was dropped off, I could tell I was never going to want to leave.

Our house in Floripa is my dream home!! Each room has its own essence, and the living room is like a meditation room. It is surrounded by sweet vegetation and a creek behind. It is cozy and colorful. 

My roommates are wonderful!! We are the original Tibet Family from our retreat earlier in the year. The first night I arrived we went out to eat. They waited so long so I could eat with them!!  We went to a skate park with food trucks and had some delicious Caipirinhas!! I love to people watch and I could tell the people in Floripa are extremely friendly and kind. They are also very patient with us when we speak Portuguese. 

The ladies and I went grocery shopping and have indulged in the food here so far. I ate an apple I bought, and it is the sweetest juiciest apple I have ever had!! We went out last night to a bar called Buxa des Artes and there was a live Samba band!!! I was mesmerized by people dancing Samba around me, and I am determined to learn it!! 

This week I will meet my PI and my lab, and I cannot wait to get started on my project!! I am a bit nervous about remembering my way around to the lab, but it should be fine! The adventures have begun, but may the science also begin!!

Woot Woot I love Floripa!!!!

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