Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Short Trip to Salvador

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Salvador with another MHIRT student, Ashley. Salvador is by far my favorite place in Brazil. Last summer I studied abroad in Salvador and since then I have been looking for opportunities to bring me back to Brazil. The culture is much different from other places I have visited in Brazil. The city has a lot of African influence, and the people are always welcoming to visitors of their beautiful city. 
The historical district, Pelourinho, is one of my favorite places to shop, visit museums, and watch capoeira. Pelourinho was the first place that was developed when the Portuguese colonized Brazil. The architecture in this area is beautiful and it gives you an overwhelming colonial vibe. I was so excited to visit the Mercado Modelo to buy a hammock that I was too shy to bargain for last summer. Even though I had a little buyer’s remorse afterwards, (I might have to throw all my clothes away to get it back to America) I am very proud of my purchase.
The place we stayed was directly on the beach, which made for an easy commute to Porto da Barra, many restaurants, and small shops. We spent a whole day eating, drinking, and lying on the beach. It was a great escape from the cold and rainy weather here in southern Brazil.
Lastly, I am so glad I was able to share my love for Salvador with Ashley! Ashley was the first person I met in Tennessee at the MHIRT Retreat. We ended up being roommates the first night in a hotel because of the bad weather in Tennessee. I mentioned that I had been to Brazil before and we instantly began to plan our trip to Salvador. In the end I am so glad we stuck with it and actually were able to go. I definitely enjoyed the company!

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