Monday, July 20, 2015

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone "- Neale Donald Walsch

This weekend has definitely been an adventure. We took a trip to Macooco, a small fishing village to the northeast of Belem, with a friend named Augusto to visit his extended family.  This has been the first time that Erika and I have traveled locally, so it was pretty exciting to explore a new town in the state of Pará.  Macooco is literally in the middle of nowhere! I have no idea how anyone could ever find it, but after a 4-hour bus ride, we arrived early Saturday morning. 

One of the first things that made me love this town was the windy weather. Augusto’s family lives right next to the river, so a little break from the Belém heat felt like heaven on Earth! Although the town is completely secluded, the people of Macooco have everything they need. Because of their location, it’s easy catching a particular fish called Go, crabs and oysters. There is also clay in the river, so people use this natural resource to make pottery, build houses, and even make outside stoves. 

* On a side note, Augusto’s 14-year-old nephew was instructed to start the fire for dinner. As I watched him gather tinder and arrange the pit, I thought about our experience at Heifer Ranch.  What took us forever to start a fire took him about 5 minutes! It was pretty awesome. 

We spent most of the weekend swimming, hanging out with the people of Macooco, and partying. The party scene here is COMPLETELY different from the states, and even Belém, starting at 11 pm and lasting until 10:00 in the morning- then starting up again at 6:00 pm the next day! They were celebrating the winners of a soccer tournament that happened earlier that day. The winning team also received 2-dozen packs of beer and an ample amount of recognition at the party!

The town was aware that two girls from the states were visiting, so everyone treated us so kindly. Family friends took us on motorcycle rides, taught us how to kill and eat crab, and even took us out on a motorboat to the local islands. It’s always nice to experience a different way of living, and I truly enjoyed their hospitality and relaxing way of life.

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