Saturday, August 1, 2015


I can't even fully describe how beyond incredible my time here has been. I am not sure where the time went, but I do feel Florianopolis is a timeless place. Between my incredible roommates and lab mates, every moment shared has been priceless. I have no sense of the days anymore because my senses have been channeled into the smiles around me, the fresh air, the colorful butterflies, the mountains, the SAMBA!!

I have fallen in love with the learning I've experienced everyday. I feel I have learned more about what my American citizenship means to me while being here in Brazil. I've become more in tune with how I want to pursue a career as a learner who uses my knowledge to truly enrich the lived and environments around me. Right now I am overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions because I will soon have to go back home, and I am not the same person who arrived just two months ago.

Timeless moments where the moon is lit up and everything inside of me and outside of my is alive. Every breath I inhale and exhale is meaningful.

Thank You Florianopolis and every beautiful person that has been with me on this journey!! Thank You to everyone who made this experience possible for me!!

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