Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wow! I cannot believe the journey is over. It seems like those ten weeks this summer just flew by! I definitely now have MANY stories and experiences to share here back home in America. How can I ever forget my first research experience being in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. MHIRT Uganda has been the best experience of my life! I want to use this last blog post to thank everyone who has had such a positive influence on my life in Uganda. I am so grateful to have shared a space with two intelligent, empowering young women: Daryl and Eyerusalem. In addition, I am grateful for our translators: Sam, Susan, Eliza, and Seth. We literally could not have collected all the data we did without you all! We will miss you very much. It seems like it was just yesterday when we all first met the lovely Susan, and now that we have formed our friendship, it is unfortunately time for us to depart. Moreen, our AMAZING caretaker/housekeeper/second mother, thank you for everything that you have done. This woman cooked for us, fed us, cleaned up after us even when there was no mess. Moreen, I admire your work ethic and will miss your caring soul dearly. Anthony, thank you for the pineapples, the comical greetings, and always taking care of the IHP office when the good ole MHIRT interns took the staff away to Akashanda! You all will forever remain in my heart. Thank you all for all that you have done.

Emme, Me, Susan, Moreen

-Jessica Shotwell

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