Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Day in Rwanda and Welcome to Uganda

Upon arrival in Kigali, Rwanda we visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Pictured below is the flame that is lit from April to July because the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi people occurred during these months. It was very sad to see the photos of those that lost their lives.  

 ShaCoria and I in front of the Kigali Genocide Memorial. We took an audio guided tour to understand the events leading up to the Rwandan genocide and to discuss how to prevent the genocide of mankind like this again. We remembered those that lost their lives and heard stories from survivors calling for peace and reconciliation.

We are staying in Kabale, which is a bustling with many shops, markets, and bodas (small motorcycles used for transportation) zooming down the streets. I had the chance to ride a boda, and now I can't think of another way to travel. The people are very welcoming, and they always stop to say hello. I feel at home in Kabale thanks to the warm welcome of the generous Ugandan people.

The markets are full of delicious fruits, vegetables, and local cuisine. The high energy in the market is contagious. There were children running around playing games and giving out high fives. Our friend Barnabas bought a delicious mango. Our meals are always served with fresh fruit whether it is pineapple, bananas, or watermelon.   

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