Saturday, June 18, 2016

Soaking up the Good Stuff

First thing is first, my favorite topic, food of course! This is an assortment of a few of the many  amazing foods that Brazil, Para in particular, has to offer. The foods here seem to be so much richer than those typically found in the US. Interestingly, this meal in particular, which includes manicoba (the king), vatapa, and caruru, taste very much like some of the meals most common in Nigeria. I was told that  many local foods here have much African influence due to the massive African slave trade that persisted here.

The crew got the opportunity to the local professional soccer team play, Clobe Do Rema. As is well known, soccer is its own religion in Brazil and the locals ride with their team through thick and thin. No college football game's atmosphere can compare to that we experienced here.
The Olympics are coming soon and the people are excited!!! It was an awesome experience to witness and be a part of the running of the Olympic torch. These guys ran across the entire city. Granted I was only able to stick with them for a few blocks, but one could smell the love and passion in the air.
We have met some great people since we have been down here. This great guy, Alan, in particular is now a good friend. We have exchanged cultural tidbits, learned the differences in each other.s lives, and learned the local humor. This guy is hilarious!
What a way to end the day, under the sunset of the Amazon River. And of all the on Dia de Namorados (Valentines Day). It was a unique atmosphere with happy people and good vibes. These are experiences that I will never forget. As the sun sets, so do my fingers for the last time tonight on this keyboard. Until next time! Vai com Deus!

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