Saturday, June 11, 2016

Nao falo portugues

    Today is day 5 living in Floripa! It still feels like it hasn't hit me. Apart from when I was very young, I have not lived in another country for this length of time. It's an unreal opportunity! So far, the neighborhood I live in is great. My apartment is exactly how the pictures presented it, which is rare but awesome. You have to lock yourself in and out with a key so I feel plenty safe here. The neighborhood itself doesn't seem very dangerous as well but we hear random stories of theft happening in the morning which means you should always stay on your guard! It is about a thirty minute walk to the university. Although far, it's not so bad when you can see the daily lives of the Brazilians. If I actually spoke Portuguese, I feel like it would be so easy to make neighborhood friends because you see the same faces everywhere!
     There are many little stores, markets, and restaurants. We have been trying to try all the different restaurants. Many of the restaurants we have tried are sort of a buffet, which makes it nice for us because we technically don't need to speak to anyone to order. Yesterday, we tried a sit down restaurant for the first time and that was a challenge. We ended up ordering a pizza that we knew more words in the description. We didn't know how to get any waiters attention so we sat at the table for a while. I do enjoy the food here though! The food aren't very bizarre so it's not hard to try anything! I'm a big meat eater so it's been awesome. The fruit here is bountiful and reminds me of Nigeria. There are many kinds of mangoes and guava is cheap here!! I was not disappointed is all I can say.  So far so good and I can't wait for the many more experiences!

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