Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sao Paulo, Brazil: the city of bustling traffic and shots of coffee

Oi! the pictures below are the perfect description on my time spent in Sao Paulo, thus far.

Have you ever went to sleep and woken up in a different country? I have. This picture was taken at 8:00 a.m. on a Thursday morning as the plane descended into Sao Paulo, the most populous city in Brazil.

Sao Paulo is the New York City of the Southern Hemisphere. The city never sleeps.  The traffic is horrendous The public transportation is extremely fast. And most importantly, the city is beautiful.

 Life moves so fast here that nobody has time to enjoy a cup of coffee, so they take shots. No pun intended ; )
 Universidade Sao Paulo, better known as USP. It is the largest Brazilian public university and where I spend the majority of my time.
My lab partner Karina(left) and my mentor Dr. Carol Real Gregorio (right).
These two people have done their best to welcome me into their beautiful city!

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