Saturday, June 18, 2016

We are workinggggg people! Are you?

We are workinggggg people! Are you?

But first, you must be welcomed. In Uganda, you will often hear, "You are most welcome" when you enter somewhere. We were certainly 'most welcomed' yesterday at a community outreach event in the town of Ikumba! 

Ebony, Ivory, walking (or working) in perfect harmony. 

We take the 'most welcome' phrase seriously. We visit many many clinics on a weekly basis to see what they have going on and how we can possibly collaborate as partners and integrate our work.

... and the reason we make these connections is so that we can go out in the field to understand the perspectives of Ugandan women... Which is the most rewarding aspect of it all. 

But now, it is time for me to enjoy Lake Victoria! Dueces. 

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