Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bittersweet chocolate and goodbyes

I thought that my hardest times while being in Brazil would include sickness or not fitting in or even feeling uncomfortable not being in my own home country. But, none of those issues really arose or mattered while I was here. I’m now sadly ending my time abroad and looking at my last two weeks in Brazil: one left in my city Sao Paulo and one more travelling to Rio de Janeiro with other program participants. Thankfully I have the opportunity to travel with my fellow peers and friends so that I can temporarily distract myself from the hollowing sadness I know I will face this next week as I slowly pack my things and say my eventual goodbyes.

My time here certainly was filled with fun times and busy work, and for that I’m incredibly grateful. I can happily say I finished the program with great results as well as great memories of all the people and food and odd situations I’ve come to be in. It’s truly amazing how similar we all are in the world, even if we are distanced by both physical barriers and cultural differences. The warmth I felt from the people here cannot be matched by anyone in the near future nor will I likely forget anyone from my time here for years to come. As I was applying for a random job last night, I was incredibly happy and proud to write down what I experienced while here as a MHIRT participant. There’s nothing harder than trying to explain personal experiences, especially ones that are completely foreign and therefore abstract, but I can concretely say that every small experience I had here in every different area I was involved in, I had thoroughly phenomenal experiences.

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