Saturday, July 2, 2016

I'm still eating

Typical Brazilian dessert includes this pudding called curau. Curau tastes like sweet corn and is topped here with cinnamon and condensed milk. It was surprisingly good and only cost R$4. Great recommendation from Lizzy's lab mate, Guido!

This weekend Guido invited us to eat feijoada with him. This is the view from 
Sumare train station. 

Before heading to the bar to eat feijoada we stopped at an antique fair and tried this North Brazilian dish called acaraje and some hot sauce (could've been hotter). Acaraje a deep fried ball of mashed beans that's filled with shrimp and tomatoes and some other ingredients that I've forgotten the name of since earlier today but it's delicious and I recommend it. 

This feijoada was delicious!  We got three orders of it between the five of us.  Rice, kale, beans and steak. It was all just amazing. 

After feijoada we took a much needed walk up to the Goethe Institute to watch the Champions League game. Germany vs. Italy and Germany won! This was my first time watching football with Germans and they are...very enthusiastic. I can't wait to watch the German national team play in Rio this August!

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