Saturday, July 9, 2016

Journey toward Empowerment

Hola Todos!

The past couple of weeks have been challenging yet truly beautiful and humbling. The internship portion of our time with Amos Health & Hope has started; we were able to travel to La Danta, La RACCS where we will be conducting the majority of our research. Our research pertains to the barriers that women of the area have in relation to receiving prenatal care (and delivery). We were able to see first hand on our way to La Danta and while hiking that the community of women sometimes have to literally cross rivers to travel to receive care. I am so excited and motivated to continue our research via Barrier Analysis to discover the barriers that have the biggest influence
la Todos!

Country side

Bride we had to cross (river sometimes covers it and blocks passage)

Health presentation to health committee of La Danta

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