Friday, July 22, 2016

Our 2nd Week in La Danta, Nicaragua

The Ambulance
This is the “ambulance” and our form of transportation to our community en La RACCS. We pack as much of our supplies, mosquito nets, mud boots, and bags on top and hope we have enough room for ourselves below.

La Danta: Presentation of Nutrition Information to El Cerro
We traveled to a distant part of the community during our second visit. Some of the community members were nice enough to lend us horses to make the journey. We presented the statistics we collected from our health stations during the first visit and discussed portion size and food groups with a group of women from this sector of the community. We also reviewed danger signs during pregnancy and discussed the steps to take if one of these danger signs occurs to oneself or a neighbor.

La Danta: Women’s Empowerment
This is a picture of Kenia, a nurse from AMOS who works specifically with the community of La Danta and a few communities nearby. We were going house to house on this day gathering data for our barrier analysis. We are currently looking for barriers to pregnant women in the community completing at least four prenatal checkups during their pregnancies. We will be leaving tomorrow to go back to the community for further training with the “Madres Voluntarias” and to collect more data from the women in the community.

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